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Community Partners

Community Partners

The Hotel at Avalon embraces a collaborative approach to community engagement by fostering partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and attractions. Through strategic alliances with nearby restaurants, shops, and cultural venues, the hotel offers guests an authentic experience that extends beyond its luxurious accommodations. By highlighting our unique offerings of our community partners and through curated experiences, The Hotel at Avalon not only enriches the stay of our guests but also contributes to the economic vitality of the surrounding area. Whether it’s promoting local artisans or recommending nearby activities, these partnerships underscore the hotel’s commitment to supporting and celebrating the vibrant fabric of the Avalon community.

Iron Horse Golf Academy

Led by Don Peterson, PGA, and exclusive to Hotel at Avalon guests, you can arrange for group golf or individual experiences. Enjoy a local experience that keeps you outside and active.

Awesome Alpharetta

Enjoy all there is to do is thriving Alpharetta, GA. Keep up with the latest events, cultural scene, and new adventures.


We offer house car services, courtesy of BMW, to make your stay that much more enjoyable. House car services are based on availability and with prior arrangement.

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