The Hotel at Avalon
The Hotel at Avalon

Vacation Near Beautiful Avalon Parks and Paths

As a happily pampered guest of ours at The Hotel at Avalon, you’ve not only got all the great arts, culture, dining, and entertainment destinations of Metro Atlanta at your fingertips: You’re also well poised to soak up some of our great Georgia outdoors. Here are only some of the nearest parks and greenspaces awaiting your explorations, whether you’re summer-vacationing with us or looking for some decompression time on a business trip.

Big Creek Greenway

Running water is the natural lifeblood of any landscape, and the important Chattahoochee tributary called Big Creek (or Vickery Creek) helps play that role for Alpharetta. The Big Creek Greenway stretches for some eight miles along its flow between Windward Parkway in the north and Mansell Road in the south: a paved multi-use path that will ultimately link in as an even more extensive route with Forsyth County’s trail system. Whether you’re cycling (multiple Zagster Bike Share Stations along the route put wheels at your disposal), running, or simply moseying—a highly underrated and rewarding mode of travel—the Greenway casts an immersive spell with its shady canopy and the roll of the creek close by. Hiking and mountain-biking trails split off the Greenway in places.

A highlight for any nature lover is the riparian wetland between Haynes Bridge Road and Mansell Road, edged by a mulch side trail. Take this detour slowly and quietly, and you may spot white-tailed deer, waterfowl, or a living-statue-poised great blue heron on its fishing vigil.

Wills Park (11925 Wills Rd)

Sprawling Wills Park makes an across-the-board recreational destination. It’s host to a wide range of facilities, including an absolutely standout Equestrian Center offering a busy year-round calendar of events. Here you’ll also find six tennis courts lit at night, a baseball field, a disc-golf course, pickleball courts, and the ever-popular Alpharetta City Pool, plus playgrounds, picnic pavilions, and a dog park.

Webb Bridge Park (4780 Webb Bridge Rd)

More recreational facilities and playing fields await at Webb Bridge Park, just a few miles east of The Hotel at Avalon.

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

Also within thrillingly easy reach of you as a Hotel at Avalon guest, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is one of the natural crown jewels of Metro Atlanta, a protected corridor strung along nearly 50 miles of the mighty Chattahoochee. Paddle or float the easygoing waters (there are plenty of local outfitters on hand for boat/raft rentals), spend an afternoon fishing on the southernmost trout river in the country, go birdwatching in the riverside forests: adventure and nature appreciation along a sparkling riverway await just a stone’s throw from your elegant home base at our luxury hotel!