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Summer Wedding Trends for 2018

Here at The Hotel at Avalon, we pride ourselves on serving as one of the finest wedding venues in Greater Atlanta, not to mention providing unbeatable accommodations for weddings at other locales around the metro area.

From stunning event spaces to a meticulously attentive coordinating team and outstanding catering, our wedding services are second to none—and they even extend to The Hotel at Avalon blog, where today we thought we’d share a few of the summer wedding trends generating matrimonial buzz in 2018. Treat these as inspiration—or, of course, chuck them out the window and go with a completely different approach if you so choose!

The following tips come from two main sources: Brides magazine and The Knot.

The Flower Wall

As Jen Glantz notes at Brides, a wall of bounteous blooms makes a fantastic substitute (or supplement) for traditional floral displays, a source of intoxicating fragrance for your reception, and a readymade backdrop for your guests to pose in front of.

Bold—But Restrained—Colors

Kate Wood points out in The Knot that bright, flashy colors are commonplace at summer weddings, but suggests there’s currently a focus on reining in the palette a bit. Use a bold central hue, or perhaps a bold two-tone combination, with an accent color thrown in as complement, avoiding a multicolored overload.

Caped Crusaders

As far as wedding dresses go, Brides highlights the fact that the regal look of capes (such as the kind tennis superstar Serena Williams wore for her November 2017 wedding to Alexis Ohanian) is definitely in these days.

A Summery Theme, Personalized

Filling your summer wedding with beach or tropical or garden accents is nothing new, as The Knot acknowledges—and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that aesthetic. But Wood suggests personalizing the theme by evoking some cherished summertime getaway, whether from the depths of your childhood or a current destination—or perhaps summoning your honeymoon destination in your wedding décor. (Which, let’s face it, may well end up being pretty beach/tropical-focused…)

Mix Your Own Wedding Cocktail

We’re living in a DIY era when it comes to all sorts of things, and also a time when craft mixology has been (rightfully) elevated to a respected artform. Brides suggests giving your wedding guests a little agency in the cocktail department during your reception by providing ingredients for them to concoct their own refreshing libation.

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