The Hotel at Avalon
The Hotel at Avalon
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What Makes Avalon so Special?

The Hotel at Avalon offers a luxury resort experience like none other. As we like to say, our greatest asset is Avalon itself: the one-of-a-kind, 86-acre mixed-use community here in Alpharetta, Georgia which we belong to.

The entertainment, shopping, dining, and all-around lifestyle attractions of Avalon are yours to enjoy as a guest of ours, even as you also partake of our own on-site amenities to the fullest.

The Avalon Experience

Established in 2014, Avalon serves as a holistic upscale hub for its residents, its daily visitors, and of course its hotel guests. Club Avalon delivers concierge services throughout, which means as a Hotel at Avalon guest you have its varied resort-style experiences at your beck and call.

Daily Entertainment

From the state-of-the-art moviegoing pleasures of Regal Cinemas to concerts and comedy performances, Avalon has you covered in the entertainment and nightlife departments.

Avalon’s Outdoor Living Room supplies ingredients for R&R, socializing, and a little fun and games any time of day, what with its bocce court, its fire pit, its swings—oh, and did we mention the open container policy?


Among Avalon’s culinary offerings, of course, is South City Kitchen right here at the Hotel at Avalon: a mouthwatering celebration of Southern cuisine that’s both soul-warming and sophisticated.

But South City Kitchen is only one of Avalon’s epicurean expressions. More than a dozen outstanding restaurants populate the community, from Brine Modern Seafood Shack and Caffe Antico to Marlow’s Tavern and Farm to Ladle. These offer some of the most exciting and diverse gastronomic pleasures in one easily navigable space in Greater Atlanta.


Avalon’s wonderfully walkable Boulevard comes lined with more than 75 retailers, from high-end brands to eclectic boutiques. From Banana Republic to Brooks Brothers, from Apple to Athleta, explore the complete Avalon directory right here.

Enjoy Alpharetta’s Magnificently Realized Mixed-Use Community With a Luxury Idyll at the Hotel at Avalon

Breakfast at South City Kitchen, lunch at the Oak Steakhouse, an afternoon of shopping and maybe a movie, an evening concert outside with a merry crowd or a little tapas-style restaurant- and bar-hopping: Avalon is a wonderful place to find yourself ensconced, and the Hotel at Avalon serves up the very richest in on-site hospitality for the experience. We can’t wait for you to discover Avalon’s special charms, the Hotel at Avalon’s stylish accommodations and across-the-board amenities very much among them!