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Latest 2018 Trends for Wedding Season

For a truly fabulous Atlanta-area wedding venue, look no further than The Hotel at Avalon. From the elegant spread of our Teasley Ballroom to the hundreds of glamorous guestrooms and suites we maintain, our luxury hotel in Alpharetta provides a magical and well-appointed place to tie the knot. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can offer in the nuptials department, send us a RFPwith some basic details and we can start a conversation!

Meanwhile, to get the inspirational juices flowing we thought we’d share a few insights gleaned from a couple of articles—one in HuffPost by Amanda Pena, the other from Emily Platt at Martha Stewart Weddingsfocused on the latest wedding trends for this New Year.

Organic Flourishes

Both Pena and Platt highlight a 2018 lean toward the organic when it comes to wedding decorations: potted plants along the aisle, fresh-cut foliage around the bar, boxwood floral walls, and the like. Ginny Au told Martha Stewart Weddings that naturally lovely bouquets of blooming dogwood will be popular for springtime ceremonies—an appropriate choice, we’d say, for a Georgia wedding at The Hotel at Avalon…

Neon Signs

In her HuffPost roundup, Pena noted that neon signs are likely to be a bit of a rage for 2018 weddings: a fun and funky decoration for reception tables, for instance.

Colored Candles

No need for just plain old white, Platt reports: Expand your palette in the candle department! She quotes wedding planner Mindy Weiss: “Colored candles on tablescapes or peppered throughout the event space are an easy way to add something unexpected to your décor.”

Go Bohemian

Pena says many 2018 wedding ceremonies will aim for a vaguely Bohemian aesthetic: achieved, for instance, with a fair share of crystals incorporated into table settings and bridal-party jewelry.

Party Time

Platt’s Martha Stewart Weddings article suggests this year will see more of an emphasis placed on the afterparty—which, after all, tends to be a highlight of most weddings. Consider going a little above and beyond for the post-reception soiree: a themed party, maybe, or an extra-special form of live entertainment—or, as Lauren Fremot suggested to Platt, simply a wardrobe changeover to a “fun jumpsuit.”


Pena suggests ruffles are likely to be much in evidence at weddings this year: ruffled wedding gowns, ruffled table linens, ruffled draperies—you name it.

Are you excited to employ some of these design elements in your wedding? Are you aghast at them? A mixture of both? Either way, we hope you’ll consider The Hotel at Avalon for an absolutely dreamlike setting for your matrimonial ceremony this year. Drop us a line today and let us know what you’re looking for!