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Winter Wedding Reception Trends

As you may or may not know, The Hotel at Avalon happens to be among the finest wedding venues in Georgia: a distinction earned by the perfection of our indoor and outdoor event spaces and the perfection of our coordinating and catering services.

With the December solstice fast approaching, now’s the time to consider the special magic of a winter wedding—and some of the logistical and aesthetic possibilities the season presents.

Without further ado, we thought we’d share some words of wisdom from an informative Bridal Guides feature by Kristen O’Gorman Klein, “100 Ideas for Winter Weddings.” We recommend checking out the complete list, but we’ll pull out some highlights focused on winter-wedding receptions for our Hotel at Avalon guests and readers!

(And by the way, not long ago we offered up some thoughts on selecting the perfect wedding flowers for every season—winter included. Check it out for more winter-wedding inspiration!)

A Wedding Ring Ornament

For a wedding in the vicinity of Christmas, you’ve got a fantastic photo-op opportunity courtesy of the holiday tree: Hang the wedding ring(s) to a bough among the tinsel and lights for a defining photographic memento of your matrimonial magic.

Speaking of Ornaments…

Elegant gold and silver Christmas ornaments can contribute an awful lot to your centerpieces and other elements of reception décor.

Wintry Wonderlands for Centerpieces

The spare splendor of winter-scapes provides ample inspiration for your winter wedding centerpieces, from whitened branches to vases filled with snow.

A Winter-Ready Wedding Cake

The frosty icing of a traditional wedding cake goes perfectly for the winter season, but you’ve got no end of creative possibilities for expanding the theme: Consider, for example, some snowball decorations, or perhaps a smattering of pinecones!

Crank Up the Crystals

Glittery crystals look perfect among winter wedding attire and decorations…

Snowflake Projections

Enhance the winter dreamscape of your reception by projecting snowflake imagery on the walls, accentuated by warm blue lighting.

Berries & Candles

You might think your seasonally appropriate botanical options are limited in winter, but that’s hardly the case. In addition to the winter-friendly flowers we spotlighted in that previous blogpost of ours—and besides attractively frosted or tinseled bare branches—you’ve also got vibrant berries to consider. As the Bridal Guide feature suggests, berries can beautifully nest wedding candles for centerpiece displays.

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