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Planning That Summer Office Party

Summer’s a great time for an office party: an excuse to strengthen workplace bonds in a relaxed, off-the-clock setting while enjoying beautiful weather (as opposed to the wintry gloom of the holiday soiree). Here at The Hotel at Avalon, we pride ourselves on being a premier venue for Atlanta-area business events both social and work-oriented, and as such we figured we’d round up some useful tips on planning summer office parties.

And we’ll start off with the most important tip of all: sending us an Event Request here at the website so you’re taking advantage of our unparalleled Alpharetta, Georgia function space!

Besides that, here are some other nuggets of basic party-planning advice…

Put Some Thought Into Scheduling

One advantage of a summer office party as opposed to one during the holiday season is everybody’s generally freer, less stress-piled schedules. But you still want to put in some time and effort to select the best all-around date for your shindig. Solicit first, second, and third choices from your employees and narrow down the field of options to a few dates that can accommodate as many people as possible. Then you’ll have a little wiggle room for reserving event space at your chosen venue (and that’s The Hotel at Avalon, right?).

Work Within Your Budget

It’s a pretty obvious strategy to plan your holiday party with a strict budget in mind, but it’s also a pretty easy thing to let slide. Sort out what kind of capital you have to play with and then start planning your event: not the other way around. Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to throw a perfectly respectable and rewarding office party. If you don’t have the budget for a full plated dinner or buffet, for example, go for a reception-style affair.

Select a Suitable Venue

Sure, you can hold an office party in, well, the office, but often your employees will appreciate the chance to socialize outside of the familiar old work environment. And while a restaurant that can accommodate large groups is all well and good, you might consider a dedicated event space that gives you and your partygoers an exclusive party setup and more extensive options for slideshows, presentations, live entertainment, and the like.

Here at The Hotel at Avalon, we offer 44,000 square feet of versatile function space that can accommodate gatherings small and large. From ballrooms to rooftop terraces, our beautiful venues are perfect for parties, and we’ve got the event-planning and catering staff as well as the technological resources to assist you in pulling off the perfect one.

So drop us a line today and let us know your office-party needs, and we’ll look forward to seeing you and the whole crew here at The Hotel at Avalon for some well-deserved festivities!