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Holiday Party Planning Tips & Trends

The onset of the holiday season means many things, from a clear spike in sightings of North Pole residents down at lower latitudes to quality time spent with loved ones. If you’re a business, club, or other organization, it also often means throwing a holiday party—often a source of mounting dread for the person responsible.

Here at The Hotel at Avalon, we offer more than 44,000 square feet of some of the most versatile and best-appointed event space in Georgia, which makes us a preeminent venue for any and all holiday parties, from small gatherings to major galas. As part of our multifaceted service as a special-event facility and luxury hotel, we like to offer tips on event-planning and coordinating here at our blog. So without further ado, a few considerations on achieving success with this year’s holiday party!

Scheduling Your Holiday Party

If you haven’t begun scheduling this year’s holiday party, you’ve got no more time for delay. First of all, you want to land on a date that allows as many of your employees/coworkers/partners/club members/colleagues/etc. to attend as possible, and it goes without saying that this is a mighty busy time of year. So poll your invitees with a few different timeframes and then select the day with the most availability.

You’ll also of course need to find out what venues are available and when. Given that The Hotel at Avalon is your first choice (and it is, right?), you should send us an Event Request or give us a ring at 678.722.3626 and let us know your preferred date and whether it’s a flexible one. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your holiday party, but the sooner you get in touch the better; we’re a popular spot for soirees and functions of all kind!

Deciding on Vibe & Itineraries

Obviously you have a broad spectrum of options when it comes to what sort of holiday party to throw. Among the foremost considerations in this regard are your budget (of course) as well as past experience: If you’ve run holiday parties before, what sorts of things worked and what sorts of things didn’t? If you haven’t already, soliciting advice from your employees or coworkers or fellow members is most definitely a good idea: Your pride might take a little knock if you find out that fantastic karaoke contest you offered last year wasn’t quite the hit you imagined it was, but remember that a good holiday party should be fun for everybody and serves as a way to say thanks to invitees for their work and/or participation. Rather than guessing what people like—or assuming they’ll like the sorts of themes and activities that you do—make it easier on yourself and simply find out directly.


While it’s fabulous to hire live entertainment (a band, a DJ, a comedian) for your holiday party, you might not quite have the budgetary means to swing it. You can still have a fantastic party, though, especially in this age of Spotify. Perhaps appoint your most music-minded guest as the playlist master.

Schedule a Holiday Party at The Hotel at Avalon

Remember, our event-coordinating staff here at The Hotel at Avalon can help you along in every step of the process when it comes to holding the perfect holiday party at our exceptional space. Get in touch with us today, either by that online Event Request form or with a phone call (678.722.3626), and let’s make this happen together!